Kristin Swanson-Mace: Three Tips to a Safer Workplace

Kristin Swanson-Mace is a workers’ compensation attorney named among Orlando Home & Leisure’s Top Women Lawyers in June 2011. Here, she provides tips to help increase safety in the workplace.

1. Develop a safety plan: Tailor a specific safety protocol that takes into account both your workspace and the nature of your job. Develop evacuation routes in case of emergency, accident protocols in case of slip-and-falls, etc. Make sure each employee receives a copy and post the protocol in a public place, such as the break room.

2. Appoint a safety representative: A safety representative, ideally one who receives workplace safety training, helps ensure that employees have a go-to person for safety issues. He or she should conduct workplace safety inspections to help ensure there aren’t any obvious dangers.

3. Make sure safety and medical gear are readily available: Make sure fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and possibly more specialized equipment such as portable defibrillators and spill kits are available. It’s also important to ensure that employees know where each piece of equipment is located, as well as how to properly use them.

While these tips won’t ensure that your workplace will be free from accidents, they may help reduce the likelihood or severity of accidents if they do occur.


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